Month: October 2013

Adult Wellness

Stay tunes for more information about these coming classes: Holistic approach to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arthritis Seminar and food demonstration to support the disease. Class # 1 Diabetes… how to treat it naturally through food Class #2 ¬†High

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Hi Honey,

I just love honey…When I think of honey I always think of the story of Winnie the Pooh who gets stuck since he went to visit and are so much honey he could not exit. He was on to something.

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Good Fats ? Bad Fats?

There has been so much talk about “Fats”. Which ones are ok? Scientists universally agree the trans fats-increase risk of cardiovascular disease. But how about saturated fats? For a long time it has been a big “NO NO”. Yet scientific

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weight loss secrets

Hi everyone, did you know that there are many areas that are forgotten when it comes to losing weight. Regular sleep helps to lose weight Fibre helps to lose weight Complex B vitamins helps as well. Some wonderful blender ideas

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I went to an amazing accupuncturist today, by the name of Yancy Chow. He also massages the affected area. He teaches in the college of accupuncture and is highly skilled. I keep on looking for alternative ways to manage my

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