Amazing Coconut Oil

It has been a long time since I posted news, but I will be back at it soon with info on

How to lose weight naturally and foods that banish bloat.

Alzheimer’s and it relationship to sugar spikes.

But the latest news I need to share, is about coconut oil.

About 2 years ago I went to my G.P. since I had a real itchy patch on my back, she looked it over and said it was due to old age, ok, I am getting older , better than the alternative. She prescribed a cream and I started to use it for a few weeks with no success.

What do I have to lose, I decided to use some coconut oil after a few days the itchiness is getting better, and after a week or two it is not as raised…hmmm. and after another few weeks it’s gone!!! Ok a fluke?

A few  months ago I see a raised patch on my neck, oy, old age creeping up, but it is not itchy, Pre Pesach, post Pesach … no time for Dermatologist.. So I decided what can the coconut oil hurt. I started for a few days . not much change.. too busy to be consistent.. a week later I see ..Hey it is paler, back to the coconut oil. now I will be consistent.  2 weeks later 90% GONE!!

Let me tell you the amazing properties of coconut oil, anti viral, anti bacterial, aids it metabolizing fats…and helps age spots, that probably have a fungal or viral component to it. A great moisturizer. an oil that has a high smoking point… Wow.

Try it!!!

Hashem created wonderful natural healing remedies, let me help you naturally.