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These are hands on nutritional workshops given by Surie Weinberg in a modern, state of the art kitchen

Organic Kosher Cooking Class for Kids

Organic Kosher Cooking Class for Kids COR approved products!! For girls grades 6-9 A series of 3 classes A great, fun, hands-on way to learn about nutrition, good food,and easy recipes Class #1: soup, salads, and learn to sprout Class

March Break Classes, Sprout, Bake, Cook…

Holistic, organic classes for kids and adults. Information about good nutrition in theory and hands on approach dairy free, nut free, some even egg free   A series of 3 classes, A great fun , hands on way to learn about nutrition,

Sourdough here we go!!

Many people are allergic to the chemicals used to produce yeast. That is why a natural airborne yeast used to rise bread in sourdough agrees with people… even though they think they are allergic to wheat…   Well I finally

Gefilte Fish Class/Gluten Free

Come learn with me. Come see how easy it is to make your own wholesome Gefilte Fish If you can make meatballs you can make your own Gefilte Fish Great omega 3, great for the brain for cognitive ability Great 

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It Hurts, It Hurts, It Hurts

So many different forms of arthritis and related conditions… Juvenile arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, the list goes on… Come learn how to incorporate more sulfur containing foods in your diet to help repair and rebuild, bone cartilage and

Adult Wellness

Stay tunes for more information about these coming classes: Holistic approach to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arthritis Seminar and food demonstration to support the disease. Class # 1 Diabetes… how to treat it naturally through food Class #2  High

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