ADD/ADHD and Nutrition

For the past 35 years I have been involved in the school system. I have taught children form ages 6 months thru university students. One day when I was young teacher I saw a child open his lunch box and he had a doughnut for lunch…. from that day on I decided I will make a change.

Along my journey I have met many children that have been diagnosed ADD or ADHD. The past few years I have become a Holistic Registered Nutritionist and have learned a lot about Sugar, Carbohydrates, Grains and GMO products and the intestinal tract.

Many of the same factors that cause , ear infections, colic, urinary urgency, high blood pressure and diabetes in children, also cause hyperactivity, short attention span and behavior and learning problems. In 1950 , a typical classroom averaged one hyperactive child, today that would be a teacher’s dream. These beautiful children are often disruptive, impulsive, and exhibit poor concentration. They are fidgety and irritable.

Many children suffer from poor nutrition and faulty digestion, even if it might not be noticeable. Food Allergies and environmental toxins can also be a problem. All of the above can affect the child’s nervous system.

Why would they be suffering from poor nutrition?  Since the small intestine is not absorbing properly and weakening the immune system and allergies to emerge.

According to Dr. Robert Lustig a pediatric endocrinologist, his practice is growing and doubling by the year with children with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Look him up.

Some simple changes to the child’s diet may produce a pronounced affect.
Processed white sugar is stripped of it’s vitamin B’s which is needed for the nervous system. Lots of carbohydrates spike the body and insulin, which make lots of children ill and gain weight. Many food dyes are known carcinogens. Soft drinks and candy with yellow dye are high in tartrazine, which has been linked to bronchial asthma.

I am on a campaign to change the way our school systems give out doughnuts, candy and sweets. Let’s come up with alternatives.

I am happy to come speak to any school or Mother’s Association or group of parents, for FREE and try to CHANGE the system.

Surie Weinberg, Registered Holistic Nutritionist