Beyond the Holidays

With the Holidays behind us everyone wants to shed a few pounds.
There are many diets out there, that might work on a temporary basis.
The best way is to educate ourselves about our body and learn how we can boost our metabolism naturally.
B. Vitamins are crucial for optimal health, handling stress, assist your body with carbohydrate metabolism and are crucial in working as a team member to weight control.
Detoxifying your body is another easy way to help control weight.
Lemon water first thing in the morning will help flush out unwanted toxins from the body
helps stimulate bowel movements and aids in weight loss.
Parsley also detoxifies the blood and aids in weight control
Keeping the glycemic level balanced throughout the day will assist with weight control.
schizandra berries and matcha powder will assist in this area.
Steel cut oats, barley, and broccoli will have high chromium which will keep glycemic levels balanced.
Adding more fibre will assist in losing weight as well.
A healthy lifestyle is the best holistic approach to losing weight and to maintain it.
Take care and eat a variety of foods.

Love Surie