We provide the following services:

Nutritional Counseling


An ongoing process to assess for each individually, his or her usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed.  Holistic nutrition counseling is provided to help individuals manage chronic conditions, promote health, and prevent illness. 

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease is a health condition that stays with you for a long time. Usually it progresses slowly over a period of time. Some of the conditions include IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Diabetes, Urinary tract infections.  A Holistic approach reviews the individual’s diet, and thru the proper food and supplements these conditions can be managed and medications reduced.

It is the care and support that is provided on an ongoing basis to support individuals living with the disease that  help  better manage their day to day activities and lead a better quality of life.

Holistic Weight Loss Counseling

Holistic approach to weight loss differs from any diets out there. It’s not all about counting calories.

There are many other factors to weigh loss, like adding more fibre in the diet, how B vitamins and the glycemic index play a roll. As well as how coconut oil and antioxidants help the weight loss process.

Day Care/School Menu Consultation


Day Care and Schools often fall into the trap of serving processed food, and food that lacks proper fibre and nutrition.  A consultation will provide delectable, kid friendly recipes, packed with a variety of mineral and vitamins. A hands-on workshop with the children will get them involved and educated.

This will provide your daycare/school with distinction, and attract clientele.

Whole foods =  better behavior and better learning.