Highly recommend

“Surie really helped my son in managing his diet and feeling better. She is knowledgeable, approachable and understanding. She spent a lot of time with us, including the initial visit and follow-up support. I would highly recommend her.”

Y S.

Highly recommend

“I’ve only had one session with Surie so far, but already I feel a drastic improvement in my health! I’ve been laxative dependent and chronically constipated for almost 2 years now. The day after my first session with Surie, I started having natural bowel movements and they haven’t stopped! I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and do some hands-on cooking with her too! She’s incredible personable and kind and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend her!”

Annie F

So Glad I Found Surie

“I’m so glad I found Surie! When I found myself in need of antibiotics every few months (and my doctor was considering putting me on a regular low dosage), I decided it was time to try a new approach. I heard about Surie from one of her satisfied clients. Since starting with Surie approximately 15 months ago, I have needed antibiotics only once, near the beginning of my journey with her. Surie takes a very holistic approach, is sharp-minded and kind. I feel she is synthesizing and taking into consideration an awful lot of information when she makes her recommendations.
What I like about Surie’s approach is that she doesn’t just tell me what I can’t eat (and why), she tells me what I can (and should) eat. I come home from my visits with a shopping list and specific, relatively simple menu suggestions. A few of the supplements Surie has asked me to take probably work silently to strengthen my system and keep it balanced. But others are not ‘silent’ at all. That is, I can absolutely tell they are working when I start to feel symptoms.
Perhaps as a side effect, I’m simply healthier – I don’t easily catch colds or get sick. And did I mention I lost weight? Most recently, Surie has helped me find some great, healthy fats so I don’t have to lose more weight if I don’t want to.
I am not cured yet – I still occasionally feel the start of infections. However, I have the infections under control without using antibiotics. I consider that to be a great achievement. Thank you, Surie!”


Thank you Surie

“Surie was recently able to help me avoid serious medical intervention with a recent health problem I was having regarding my sinuses. My doctor’s next advice  was the option of surgery. I decided to seek the help of Surie, a registered nutritionist.  She was thoughtful and knowledgeable, and provided practical information and advice. With her help I am back to health. Thank you Surie!”

Leah Neiman

Surie is Number 1!

“I have suffered for years with reflux and other gastronomic maladies. I’m not one who takes medication lightly and I was so sure that nothing I do would make a difference. So I ate and suffered.
That is until I met Surie!
Surie explained to me exactly the chemistry and the dynamics of my situation. She calmly and clearly explained how I can actually heal myself.
I was looking forward to productively healing my body instead of just masking the symptoms with medication.
Surie throughly explained which foods wouldn’t aggravate my condition and which foods would actually work towards healing me.
It is now 10 months later and though I cannot always keep strictly to the recommended diet I do not experience the symptoms how I have felt them before.
In general I feel better! I have increased energy and my cholesterol has gone down. Furthermore, Surie has given me tasty, healthy recipes, foods I enjoy!”

Fagie Bodner