These are hands on nutritional workshops given by Surie Weinberg in a modern, state of the art kitchen.

Check out all the info sessions coming up or book a group session for your organization.

 Organic Culinary Classes for Adults/Kids

Easy and tasty fun healthy culinary classes that create amazing delectable dishes for everyday a party or or a holiday.  

Bread Baking

Learn from scratch to bake bread, easy forgiving recipes, with whole wheat, kamut spelt, pretzel bread and even sweet potato bread, anyone any age can learn.  

Private Classes for Special Events

Book a class in your home or in my magnificent kitchen. Bake or cook together a great meal or desserts, create a theme night.  

Chronic Ailment Information Class

  This is my specialty. A detailed review of your ailment or disease and a customized menu to help your body heal. No boring recipes here. Delectable dishes will help your body heal.  

Prenatal, Postnatal, Digestive Care

  Pregnancy and post birth creates a delicate digestive system. Hormones play a major role in metabolizing carbohydrates and proteins. It is a delicate balance that can be fine tuned to bring relief with the right protocol.