Good Fats ? Bad Fats?

There has been so much talk about “Fats”. Which ones are ok? Scientists universally agree the trans fats-increase risk of cardiovascular disease.

But how about saturated fats? For a long time it has been a big “NO NO”. Yet scientific evidence has begin to show us this may not be true. There has been research that saturated fat has been to be protective. The source of the fat is very important.

Dairy foods provide vitamins A and D. There is a link between vitamin D deficiency and a significant increase of cardiovascular mortality. The calcium and phosphorus and the fatty acids might help the heart.

Vitamin A is needed for eye sight for growth and tissue healing healthy skin and lowering cancer risks. So don’t throw away those dairy products just yet.

Fat has a higher energy content per gram in comparison with  protein and carbohydrates. Fat might have more calories, but a calorie is not just a calorie, and a low fat diet led to unhealthy lipid pattern and increased insulin resistance. The proportion of energy from consumed fat has fallen from 40% to 30% yet obesity has sky rocketed.

When the food industry started to  take out the fat they replaced it with sugar. This started a rise on juvenile diabetes and a factor for metabolic syndrome and obesity in younger and younger children.

so lets talk about some good fats. Coconut oil a saturated very stable oil anti viral anti bacterial it has so many wonderful properties and uses. You cant imagine what I have used it for.

It does not smoke at high temperature which leads to less free radicals(damaged cells).

“Butter” is not as bad as we think, it included vitamins A, E, K2 it also has Fatty Acid Butyrate which helps against bacteria in the colon. It also  has the Wulzen Factor that aids in arthritis in many ways.

A moderate amount of butter weekly has many good benefits.

Olive oil, king of oils… this wonderful oil is associated with lowering heart disease, by lowering your cholesterol. it helps normalize blood clotting. Olive oil helps with blood sugar control and insulin levels which helps in proper weight levels.

References to all I have written about is available upon request.

Here is a great raw spread that is beneficial for the heart:

cold pressed coconut oil

cold pressed olive oil

hemp seeds- (a whole food with all amino acids)

nutritional yeast  ( great for Diabetics and Acne)

garlic powder, onion powder

Himalayan sea salt (for great minerals )

Mix all together in a food processor or blender for a wonderful healthy heart spread.

Keep Healthy: Surie Weinberg Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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