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Organic Light Spelt Challahs

Dear Readers, I am always on the lookout for great food wherever I travel. Last week I went to Florida. I found an amazing Vegan restaurant called “Sacred Space”.  It was delightful. I also looked for some authentic organic bread.

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Nutrition and the Holocaust

Last week was   “Holocaust Education Week” This week there are still some programs, that one can attend. I attended one on the KinderTransport” So let me tell you the story I tell to so many of my audiences, My

Amazing Coconut Oil

It has been a long time since I posted news, but I will be back at it soon with info on How to lose weight naturally and foods that banish bloat. Alzheimer’s and it relationship to sugar spikes. But the latest

weight loss secrets

Hi everyone, did you know that there are many areas that are forgotten when it comes to losing weight. Regular sleep helps to lose weight Fibre helps to lose weight Complex B vitamins helps as well. Some wonderful blender ideas


I went to an amazing accupuncturist today, by the name of Yancy Chow. He also massages the affected area. He teaches in the college of accupuncture and is highly skilled. I keep on looking for alternative ways to manage my

I am alive.

WOW!!  my site is live.  I cant wait to share with all my friends all the knowledge I have learned. It has been a rough few months for me and my family. My dad ill and me having to fly

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